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of commitment

& forced treatment

of our human rights

When you refuse to be injected they do this. One ambulance man said to me he was just a small cog in a big wheel. That's the symbolism here and the bombs in the body profiteering, Otherwise, that many hands on a small young lady, as I was, as strip her and stick her.

This is what happens when you're given threats of worse treatments such as electro-shock and detention if you do not turn up to a fornightly 'depo' injection. I had to pretend to be happy with this senario to a point. (I've cut out the true-feeling related swear words here to fit with #UN CRPD Absolute prohibition.)

These drugs are so painful and disabling.

Rights denied me, again and again over a 14 year period (1998-2012) brings back such feelings that make me not wish to attempt to talk about this again. It hurts so much, it was so painful, it upsets me to remember, but it upsets me even more knowing that over 5700 people are subjected to such horror, every year in the state of Victoria, Australia, people who actively say no I don’t want this, very clearly and are then put on Community Treatment Orders, and tortured with forced injections, electricity, and verbally abusive appointments, that must be met, or they’ll be put into arbitrary detention again. It hurts me that the people who say no they do not wish to take psychiatric prescriptions are then subjected to the system longer.



Psychiatric treatments with neuroleptics/ Major Tranquilisers/ Antipsychotics are disabling. Medicine should be enabling, this one reason why neuroleptics are not medicine.


On neuroleptics I was no longer able to:

• Walk for more than 20 minutes without utter pain

• Lost my flexibility to dance

• Was not able create visual art

• Was not able to read

• Was not able to converse with people

• Was not able to stay awake for more than 2-6 hours a day


Horrible effects of neuroleptics forced on me, included:

• Constant muscle pain

• Lost bladder control regularly

• Drooled out the mouth, nose and sneezed more often than not

• Couldn’t stand up for more than a few minutes without fainting

• Sight blurred

• Loss of mensuration

• Twitching

• Constant muscle pain

• Hair was falling out

• My body puffed up as if allergic and gained weight in a way I never had before

• My skin was a constant necrotic red rash

• I started saying random things out loud

• Was abused in a venue and couldn’t fight back, like I normally would, for fear I’d be the one blamed and because I’d forgotten what I could say or do

• Had forgotten how to cook

• Found a small amount of cleaning exhausting

• Felt if I couldn’t escape the forced treatment, I’d have to find a crocodile that would be willing to eat me, so I wouldn’t have to suffer the pain and misery knowing my community thought abusing me via the psychiatric regime was okay…


So, what do you do when you're being tortured? Say okay but…

It was very degrading to me, to have to play-the-game. That is generally what people call it when you try to escape psychiatry by agreeing to their disgusting treatment of you. I was under threat of more pain ie increased or added doses, and being detained in psychiatric facilities longer.


So, I stopped telling them to stop hurting me, stopped saying that they are violating International Human Rights Law, and instead put up with what they did to me, turned up to their appointments so I would not be dragged off to psychiatric hospital again. And, very carefully told them of some of the things I was suffering, that I knew Medical Practitioners should not ignore, like the Tardive Dyskinesia. It was hard, because when my sight blurred in hospital, I was told I was imagining it. If I'd told them all of the awful things that were happening to me, they would suggest more drugs and that's the last thing I wanted. More drugs = more pain & disabling of my abilities.





No, State Parties did nothing of the kind. I was told by lawyers when I was trying to seek compensation that, 'Yes, Medical Doctors are kind of above the law.' That it was not even criminal to torture me and so many others, that that's what is acceptable practice, that even when they're negligent ie forcing drugs that were written up to be never to be given again, that it's almost impossible to get compensation, or to stop psychiatry from doing such things in the future. And that advanced Directives, as seen in the Mental Health Act 2014, as diminished into a non-legal document, being only Advanced Statements, and these are regularly ignored.

Freedom of speech horribly denied = no trust in the community's decency

During the time of being on a Community Treatment Order, there is no one to tell the truth to about how you feel about the drugs. Tell a social worker/ case-worker and they were likely to write me up in notes as ‘non-compliant’ and report me, tell a family member and they would get a phone call, as next-of-kin, from the treating psychiatrist asking for how I am doing, and the family will blurt out the disclosure. Disclosure of my duplicity meant treatment got worse, bloods were demanded to check on compliance with medication, doses increased, hospitalisation, electroshock suggested… In 2011 I trusted no one with how upsetting and horrible the depot was.




I was treated as sub-human, as if I didn't know what was good for me, as if I deserved to be enslaved as psychiatry's laboratory animal. So, they could do a fifteen minute compliance test, how-does-the-medication-feel interrogation, and are you getting any warning signs of 'being unwell.' Talk about voices or visions in that interrogation, and expect more prescriptions than last session.


What had I done to warrant such abuses?

Nothing warrants such abuses of human rights as psychiatry dishes out. There were no charges against me, no court case. I was not in any way violent. Psychiatry is the crime here. No one deserves to have neuroleptics injected into their body against their will, on a regular basis, it is torture. You lose even your right to your own thoughts, as your ability to think is shut-down. This is the worst form of torture, especially as it involves further ostracisation from community.


Tribunal hearings were a farce. If I made a plea to not want psychiatric abuses, I'd be considered non-compliant and be held longer, or have medications increased. Tribunals are not in a court setting, they are in-house and consist of a Community Member, A psychiatrist, A lawyer.


The only panel member on the Tribunal who have been on my side were lawyers. But that's only one member, 1 vote out of 3, I lose my human rights and get condemned as non-compliant.



The right to feel secure in your own home

 Body corporate maintenance were not the main fear of random entrances to my apartment. The main fear were white-coats and those who'd scare me by a surprise visit, making me perspire, then would call the psychiatrists and tell them I was ‘lacking self-care’.


The psychiatric team (CATT) demanded entry. If they were not given access, the police would gain entry – no warrant, no charge, no crime – they would come in and drag me off in my socks, as though I’d done something horribly wrong, drag me off to be arbitrarily detained in a public hospital and tortured with whatever the psychiatrists wished to inject into me.


What would Absolute Prohibition look like?

• THINK Freedom

• THINK Real support systems being funded


A world that abuses others and calls that psychiatric treatment cannot then try to call that a ‘market place’ where there are ‘consumers’ of this abuse.


 Until there is Absolute Prohibition of forced treatments and involuntary detention, consumers don’t exist in any market place related to the abusive Mental Health Association. The market place is a slave-drive of humans being consumed for the purpose of propagating false statistics related to the marketing of products as ‘healthy’ when the products cause massive harm, but slaves will do as they’re instructed and even agree to what they do not agree with, in hope that less abuse will occur.


After 4 years of escaping psychiatric torture regime

Even when I was taken off the depot after 9 months, the long-acting neuroleptic was still in my body for some months, so I’d need 12 hours sleep each day.

Psychiatry destroyed my ability to remember large slabs of text to recite, which I used to do on a regular basis when performing. My fertile years were taken. I now have such a high sensitivity to Propylene Glycol and other petroleum-based substances that I cannot sit in a closed office space filled with people who wear deodorants/ perfumes that are petroleum-based (and most are) without a severe reaction. I cannot go to a restaurant and eat food without a severe reaction. I cannot use regular petroleum-based cleaning products without a severe reaction. I would not have this high sensitivity to Propylene Glycol, if I had not been brutally subjected to psychiatric ‘medicines.’ They are not medicines, they did not help me, they disabled me.

I was not a menace to society, I was not violent, I was not criminal, I was a victim of crime who was having difficulty speaking about the grief I was suffering from being threatened and beaten up inside. I do not understand how such abuse of a person’s body via psychiatry can ever be called medicine. I do not understand how poisons such as petroleum-based neuroleptics can ever be called medicine. These drugs did nothing but harm to me. People in crisis, suffering from trauma, grief, bullying, discrimination, do not deserve to be enslaved as human laboratory animals like I was. Psychiatric practices are cruel, totally inhumane, and they force people into pretending that they agree to what is harming them. This is a terrifying regime of cruelty, brainwashing people into fearing themselves, feeling ashamed and not daring to speak out about what has happened to them, because the public will not be on the victim of psychiatry’s side, because they’ve had so much propaganda fed to them they then vilify the victim and that oppressed person is further ostracised for speaking out, denied work, denied a place to live, denied the company of others.









Article 15 -

2. States Parties shall take all effective legislative, administrative, judicial or other measures to prevent persons with disabilities, on an equal basis with others, from being subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 16 - Freedom from exploitation, violence and abuse

Article 17 - Protecting the integrity of the person

Every person with disabilities has a right to respect for his or her physical and mental integrity on an equal basis with others.

Article 21 - Freedom of expression and opinion, and access to information

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