Initially NO - Human Rights Defender


Experienced 14 years (1998-2012) of torture

via the Australian psychiatric regime:







 and arbitrary detention...


for demanding liberty for self

and millions of other people also being subjected to forced psychiatry.


Initially NO has been free from arbitrary detention & torture since 2012, but millions of people are still being violated, threatened and arbitarily detained. This is why she is advocating for freedom from arbitrary detention, torture & exploitation namely invasive cruel bio-chemical-electrical forced human experimentation, in the guise of medical necessity, enforced by public heath legislation.


Initially NO is also advocating for the human right  to breathe non-toxic air, uncontaminated water & uncontaminated food, which is being denied much of the population, through unscrupulous businesses and corrupt government regulators of known toxins, that should not be in the food, air, and water that humans consume.



Chairing conferences with victim-survivors of forced psychiatry (every month 2016-2018) with focusing on the areas of:


• The right to personal autonomy

• Freedom from arbitrary detention

• Freedom from torture

• Freedom from exploitation

• Freedom from medical-scientific experimentation


Street Protests every week to abolish invasive, cruel, forced human experimentation, repeal the unlawful mental health legislation that allows forced psychiatry.

















Artwork, posters, books to stop arbitrary detention, torture & exploitation, as well as the right to non-toxic air, food, and water.


Running closed support groups for people subjected to forced psychiatry (2012-2015)


Convening public events - open mic poetry  twice monthly, encouraging and supporting victims of psychiatrists to speak about human rights violations, that is run as a fume free space (where people told to NOT wear harmful colognes, perfumes and toxic deodorants into the space.)


Letters of support to human rights commissions, conventions and other platforms for

• Victims of Psychiatrists

• People suffering Chemical Sensitivity from badly regulated toxins


Government e-petitions & letters to authorities to lobby for -

• Abolition of forced psychiatry, freedom from arbitrary detention, torture & exploitation, as well as human rights for individuals asking for support to stop forced psychiatry

• To reduce human exposure to toxic substances

• Regulation of toxic Personal Products in closed workplaces


Support Page on social media start ups & admin for

• People suffering Propylene Glycol Allergy (2013 – 2018) and website

• Victims of Psychiatrists and website, also post for

• Various violations of human rights in Australia: Outrage In Australia

• Those violated for speaking out about their understanding/ sensing of the unknown & unrecognised: Percipience Network